​IP67 8W Blue CREE LED Safety Spot Light CM-7008

Product Details

IP67 8W Blue CREE LED Safety Spot Light CM-7008

1) Bright blue light on the floor helps alert pedestrians, loaders, unmanned trucks and other industrial vehicles of forklifts approaching blind corners and exiting semi trailers

2) Aluminum housing, excellent heat dissipation, ensure quick heat dissipation and improve the service life and reliability of the light

3) IP67, waterproof, shock proof, explosion proof, can be used in heavy rain or harsh environments

4) Widely used in forklifts, excavators, engineering machinery, special operations vehicles, agricultural machinery, modified off-road vehicles, vehicle maintenance, trucks, tub, ships and other fields


Voltage: DC9-60V

LED Quantity: 2 pcs CREE LED

Power: 8W

Current Draw: 0.5A@12V,0.25A@24V

Lumens: 250 LM

Color: Blue

Beam Pattern:Spot

Housing Material:Aluminum

Mounting Brakcet: Stainless Steel

Lens Material:PC

IP Grade:IP67

Shape: Oval

Dimension: 140mm Width * 87mm Depth * 115mm Height