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Characteristics of production materials and application for machine tool working light bulbs

May 07, 2015

Machine tool work lamp housing options will affect its service life, machine work lamp housing there are three kinds of materials are available for user's choice.

One is the ordinary glass, which is used in our daily lives of glass, the thickness of the glass at around 4mm, its strength lies in environments with iron, iron after falling into the lamp housing does not have scratches on the shell of machine work lights. Secondly, the plexiglass, plexiglass has excellent light transmission properties, through the above 92% sunshine, UV intensity reached 73.5%, high mechanical strength, and had some heat tolerance. In addition, there is also a PPC with high wear resistance, hardness, not easy to crack and break the effect.

Workshops are usually equipped with machine tools work lights, work light which features are in the application process:

Work lamp as used in the production of LED light sources, so the use of this lamp for a long time, can effectively avoid the job losses in the process, will have no impact on work. Work light is a kind of green products, and has a good energy-saving performance, and used in an environment with good lighting, to effectively guarantee the lighting levels. And this source is not easy to heat, to reduce accidents, but also in the production process is more mature, and the technology is more sophisticated and does not produce flicker phenomenon, to a certain extent protected the crew's eyes.