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LED work lamps and how to use and control

May 07, 2015

LED work lights if not required. Then buy a 24V battery, a charger. Then get a switch inside the cathode. LED8 a bunch (of a series) is OK. You can do a few strings. Lights can be an appropriate reduction. But not too much. More light is out. Reducing too little light being burned out. If you mean how to get to the Chargers. That would require some specialized knowledge. Switching power supply, control and other aspects of knowledge. Can even be controlled by single-chip microcomputer. This also need to be computer language specific programming knowledge and skills.

1, LED work light with die-cast aluminum body casting shell, surface oxidation treatment, outside appearance, wear and corrosion resistance.

2, LED work light lamp aluminum casing, heat sink structure specially designed to ensure lamp heat quickly while working to improve lamp life, reliability.

3, LED work light IP68 protection chip level designs, lamps can work reliably in water and any harsh environment.

4, LED work light with DC power supply, DC power supply system can be adapted to any vehicle, ship and outdoor environments.

5 LED work light with outlet high-power light sources, light efficiency is as high as 90LM/W, the lamp life time up to 30,000 hours.

6, LED work light solid parts are made of stainless steel, durable, extremely difficult to corrosion.

7, LED work lights retractable, removable tripod, minimum length maximum length up to 1.8M, 0.5M, portable lamp after lamp removal can be increased or decreased according to demand (max 4 lamp can be mounted).

8, LED work lamp tripod will undoubtedly surface paint treatment, substantial corrosion durability.