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Machine lamps have faults and solving skills

May 07, 2015

Work lamp, a type of machine tools machine tools lighting form, due to its excellent characteristics and long-term stability, and recognized by more and more customers, although the problems encountered in the use process LED machine lamps are less likely to, but it doesn't mean that it is not a problem, here we have the machine in the light of the most prone to telling you what's failure and its solution.

Common failures: machine lamp light blinking is not permanent but this may be a common problem, this can lead to the emergence of LED machine lamps cannot be used, such a machine is the main problem of light caused by poor contact, loose parts of the approach is common, such as socket checked and fixed, can often solve the problem.

Common trouble II: machine lamp dimly lit or does not light led LED machine lamps like this problem occurs because there are two, one is to use the contact voltage error, the second light bulb is damaged, so the solution is symptomatic treatment and see if voltage is correct, or check the light bulb replacement.

1, lampshades can be rotated by, Oh, feel free to any angle. Suppose in where is there.

2, strong safety, all wire is a Jet line fixed, completely off or damaged easily, the line is very beautiful, a great sense of design

3, the whole style was unique, even rented, whole House or Studio is out