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Machine lighting considerations for how

May 07, 2015

Now has many kinds of machine work lights, most traditional incandescent work lights, slightly upscale machines waterproof fluorescent light, and today's character LED machine lamps. For small machines such as Planer, milling machine and other local lighting, incandescent work lights are the best choice. Poor working environment for machine tool, choose is waterproof and corrosion-proof, explosion-proof function of CNC machine tool, combined machine tool, machine tool waterproof fluorescent lighting is the best choice. LED machine lamps the widest range of applications. This lamp uses LED lights, small size, small heat, but lighting capacity super strong, so wet under corrosive environment of NC machine tool production testing of various types of machine tools has a very good play.

1, the price is expensive.

2, the current would be able to achieve efficiency and theoretical efficiency is still a big gap.

3, currently can do the life and theory of life (10W hours) there is still a big gap.

4,, still has a certain amount of heat.

5, light failure can also be greatly reduced.

1, machine tools jobs lamp prior to installation to select the appropriate mounting holes, also faces and holes on the circuit board is to be calculated from the distance, and so on.

2, machine tool installations also take into account the ambient temperature of the lamp, because the machine work lights is a cold light source, so it should pay attention to.

3, machine tools jobs lamp usage temperature it is best to ensure that, within the scope of use, make the machine work lights.

4, regular cleaning of the machine work lights, so as not to cause corrosion to the lamp housing and prolong the service life of the machine work lights

These flaws can be through the process of overcoming, so even if the LED light can not completely replace the existing traditional light sources, but with the development of technology, LED machine lamps can be substituted for General machine work lights.