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Machine work lights are available in the install the areas which need attention

May 07, 2015

Machine tools work lights is the most common machine tool equipment to lighting, each lamp has a different form, so installation time is also different. Machine work lights at the time of installation where there is what time is particularly noteworthy:

First, attention to the fixing screws when installing machine work lights, each machine has a corresponding hole on the base of the lamp, in installing is sure to fastening stability and, of course, to select proper machine parts to install.

Second, the machine work lights lamp contains a magnet can be used in machine tools multi-location, its flexibility is good. Again to select without prejudice to the position of the machine installation.

Third, the machine work lights at the time of installation, to near the power from power supply of water will be easier to use, avoid the use of connectors.

Machine lighting of the lamp is a great performance, and many types of lamps in the market, its performance is best.