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Shield machine is a machine equipped with a reputation in product

May 07, 2015

Shield machine is a device used to protect the machine, this can be understood literally. Shield machine protects the machines don't accept outside interference, acting on the machine's shield has two kinds of organ casing and steel shields, and screw on using shields. Variety like in shape, too, such as circles, squares, polygons, which shape a wide variety of applications in several ways.

Steel business telescopic type guide protective cover is machine most traditional protective form, in this a field in steel business telescopic type guide protective cover was widely of application, on prevent cut chip and the other sharp things of entered up with effective of protective role, through must of structure measures and the suitable of scraping chip Board also can effective of reduced cooling liquid of infiltrated, we of steel business telescopic type guide protective cover can adapted modern machine on hi-tech, and right of installation location, and high run speed, aspects constantly improve of requirements.

Shield machine has both beauty and practicality, is the reputation of machine tool accessory products.