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Work lights can be made for harsh environments in the large-area lighting

May 07, 2015

Work lamp lighting that can be applied to various inflammable and explosive locations, site operations, accident repair, exception processing for high-brightness is the best lighting for a wide range of lighting equipment.

Features of the work lights, using the world's top brands of LED light sources, long service life of 100,000 hours, work lights series improved luminous efficiency, ultra low energy consumption lighting 9 consecutive hours or more, working up to 16 hours of light, fully satisfying the operating length of lighting needs.

Unique lamp design, focusing distance lighting can also be easily converted to a pan-China Everbright areas lighting, stainless steel coil technology, lamp has realized universal irradiation direction Steplessly adjustable. High energy no memory battery charge and discharge at any time, green, high capacity, strong safety, long service life and durability, a charge six months after 85% of capacity not less than full capacity.

Lamp can fixed in work lamp lamp body or other support real Shang using, also can convenient remove handheld using, can more angle arbitrary regulation irradiation direction, also can fixed in cushion type lifting frame Shang 1.15-1.75 meters height range within arbitrary lifting, lifting rod and battery box for one type structure, using convenient flexible, lamp body bottom with convenient mobile of wheels, can in Plains Shang easily mobile lamp body location; full sealed process design, can in storm environment Xia normal work, special of alloy shell can suffered strong collision and impact.