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Automotive Lighting LED Driver Requirements And Common Scenarios

May 07, 2015

[Reading] over the next 8 years, auto lighting system total compound annual growth rate of nearly 10%, market development potential, and drives for this type of system will also have similar growth.

In today's rapidly evolving market for automotive lighting, LED a drive's role is particularly important: for car manufacturers to provide more energy-efficient options to meet consumer demand for fuel economy, enhance visibility to reduce security or vehicles to avoid traffic accidents, to create personalized atmosphere to the unique expectations of consumer automotive … ...

Over the next 8 years, auto lighting system total compound annual growth rate of nearly 10%, market development potential, and drives for this type of system will also have similar growth.

Drive requirements for automotive lighting

LED brightness is changed according to the current device, and LED the drive by adjusting a power LED or LED string, provide a constant light output. Every automotive lighting solutions requires a unique drive design engineer according to different requirements, such as serial or parallel, high power or low power, cost or features, and more, for a specific application select the appropriate LED the drive to maximise energy efficiency.

Decide which kind of LED drive is most suitable for its application to, including:

LED power-each function?-this is the key to LED Driver topologies.

-Electronic temperature?-for example, the rear lights need to be brighter LED, select switch drive more energy-efficient than the best high power linear actuators, to stay cool under a high power level.

-Change the LED configuration flexibility-you can use a reference voltage and pulse width modulation control and other adjustments-brightness method completes. Wide power supply range provides power configurations and can drive the LED number.

-Support features such as automatic dimming control, color change, individual LED.

-Support for fault diagnosis and safety standards-such as heat alert, thermal shutdown, open/short circuit, over current protection, over/under-voltage and single LED failure.

The lighting of the future drives will need to have the following factors to support the auto maker's system requirements:

-Extensible, with flexible hardware to support different automotive applications and requirements to be listed;

-Different drives in the same module requirements: high pressure gas discharge lamps (HID), LED;

-As the drives have added more features, enhanced troubleshooting capabilities to be considered;

– Reliable LED current control and improve drive reliability.

Innovation of automotive lighting

Surge in automotive interior and exterior automotive lighting applications, the lighting system will be extended to all automotive market segments become more and more popular. Market expansion will promote the development of more Silicon.

(A) the current automotive interior lighting

Most of today's automotive interior lighting with white light and RGB Red, green, and blue LED drive programmable drive.

Bright white light LED ceiling light, reading light and hold light on brightness requirements are relatively high, but it is different from the standard light bulbs, can provide the driver with a warm, comfortable atmosphere, dimming of its slope characteristics can produce unique and differentiated design and effects.

White light and RGB LED complement its development by further vehicle personalization of power-driven, used as a programmable internal light source, including dashboard, center console, navigation/audio, lighting and ambiance lights and special effects. Its color accuracy calibration, and a separate one for LIN RGB, plus the regional dimming, these are all important characteristics meet the requirements of the automobile manufacturers.

(B) the current automotive exterior lighting – tail lights

From past single of LED to now of not transparent and uniform of lamp row, from animation of signal to sweep moving of Flash lights, drive as car taillights evolution of important part, except in styling, and shaped like, car appearance aspects constantly innovation outside, also upgrade safety, and can support Kai stopped pressure drop, and since adapted environment light conditions, is meet car manufacturers and Government energy requirements of key.

(C) in today's automotive exterior lighting-headlights

LED headlamp generally applies to daytime running lamps (DRL), the most common two scenarios are LED and LED light strings (as shown in Figure 4). DRL applied not only to provide better visibility of oncoming vehicles, automakers also rely on the flexibility of LED and LED the drive to personalize their vehicles, set up special "vision" brand.

Advanced headlight for luxury cars is not only confined to DRL, high beam lights and low beam lights, car makers can also choose LED turn signals, LED fog lights and spotlights in high-speed pavement design, as well as by combining HID and LED headlight system programme, and even the future of LED lights. In a more personalized, more secure, and more energy-efficient trend, driven by considering modular platform, from the low-cost "entry-level near light" development to the high-end features "advanced lighting system" for automotive manufacturers to provide a wide range of innovations.

From the cost point of view, advanced lighting systems expensive than standard lighting system, but can be reduced to meet the low-cost car. In addition, it also offers scalability, can be extended as need adequate for all kinds of cars.

Future automotive lighting options--pixel matrix headlights

From motor control towards using pixel/matrix Qian big lamp system is future car lighting of a big focus trend, it used system module of of platform design, provides beyond today Qian according to lamp programme of many advantage, through hi-tech and the innovation design upgrade car shaped like, support 50% to 80% even more to using full static no glare light far light lamp, can according to environment and head-on sailed to of car regulation lighting system, for driver provides in all situation Xia of more high visibility, using LED technology, no mobile parts, Safer and more reliable. In addition, because with more white space, and adjustable luminous power of each pixel and can quickly switch, but with expanded functions.

LED AFS pixels/matrix system consists of LED application specific standard products (ASSP), FET, LDO, rectifiers, logical, Zener, protection components.


Automotive lighting-driven market will continue to drive combination, discrete devices that support from the most simple to use integrated technical scheme for car exterior design provides more possible, and improving vehicle safety and fuel economy. Pixel matrix headlights were headlight key trends in the future.