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Demand For Machine Tools Work Lights

May 07, 2015

Machine working lamp for machine tool accessory industry rapid development posture, increased demand for machine tools work lights, the capacity of the domestic market is also great, especially Jin Nailai the rapid development of industrial engineering, machine tool industry more energetic and it must drive the industry rapid development of machine tool accessories work light situations.

On the development of machine tools work lights, most of the varieties there are specialized in the production of domestic enterprises can meet the needs of hosting, some new technologies domestic research institutions and currently there are only a few manufacturers in the annex for research, not production capacity, hosts the basic imported package. In addition, efficient power chucks for CNC machine tools have in learning advanced foreign technology.

The domestic machine tool working light levels of manufacturing compared with previous ones have been improved. Specifications and are continually improving, construction has been the unit you major performance and stability has greatly improved. We continue to increase investment in technological reform, increase manufacturing capacity and expand the scale of production, and actively respond to the level of technological innovation, enhance their service capabilities.