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Lamps And How Development Direction Of Machine Tool

May 07, 2015

Machine direction light is most important at the present stage of development, because the focus of future development of energy conservation and emission reduction, according to under the current direction of development prospect of energy-saving machine work lights how to better develop:

Machine work Festival can highlighted still is development of focus, machine lamps Lighting most main of still seems to height of requirements, and because in energy short increasingly serious of future, energy still is development of focus, so in such of situation Xia development more energy, is w number more low but brightness more high of new machine work lamp is focus of development direction, hopes we of technology progress can brings more of new light.

Machine work lights green, green energy is now under the banner of sustainable development theory, green clean light is a priority direction for development, at the current stage, machine green machine in the case, as accessories of machine work lights are also to meet such expectations.

1, and lamp function: by four a 1000W efficient energy lamp composition, can according to site needs will each lamp alone do upper and lower, and around big angle regulation rotating achieved 360 ° full lighting; also can will lamp in lamp disc Shang are cloth to four a different direction lighting, as needed four a lamp to same direction lighting, is can by by needed lighting angle and azimuth will lamp disc overall to opening direction in 250 ° within flip and the to cylinder for axis to around for 360 ° rotating; overall lighting near both, lighting brightness high, and range big, Long lamp life.

2, the exposure range: using 3-section telescopic cylinders for lift control, rises in the maximum height of 4.5 m; tilting head with adjustable beam angle, light covers a radius of 35-55 metres.

3, lighting time: can be directly using the generator can also be connected to the 220V mains lighting for a long time used fill the generator fuel work time can be up to 13 hours.

4, easy operation: wireless remote control can control each lamp within 50 metres of open and closed, using electric or manual pump lift for rapid control telescopic gas pole.

5, meet site: lamp, gas bar, and generator sets as a whole, generating sets fitted with casters and Rails on the bottom wheel, can run on rutted roads and railroad tracks.

6 environment: the overall use of high quality metal material manufacture, compact structure, stable performance, ensure normal work in a variety of harsh environments and weather conditions, rain, water spray, wind-proof rating of 8 levels.

7, customized for you: in order to meet the individual needs of users, such as our standard configuration does not meet the needs of users, we can be the lamp number of lamps, power, floodlight or spotlight, telescoping cylinder rises the height and adjust according to your requirements on the generator is equipped with.