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LED Work Lamps Energy-saving

May 07, 2015

LED floodlights for explosion-proof zone you can burn during the Lantern Festival can be used in explosive environments explosion-proof lamps, since the use of solid state LED lighting, lamps and energy-saving consumption, high light efficiency and is nowadays a guide for green lighting, explosion-proof floodlight of choice for low-carbon energy-saving concept.

1, LED work light power wire and pipe using retractable winding design, convenient and simple, does not occupy the space.

2, LED work light the humanization design of the handle, elegant, and easy to move.

3, LED work lamp product comes with high precision tire pressure gauge, let you inflated keep tire air pressure.

4, LED work lights product features high brightness LED lighting, lighting for night work.

5, high quality LED lights cigarette lighter plug and the plugs on the car cigarette lighter socket, convenient and simple.

6 inner core of pure copper, LED work lamp nozzle joints, durable, served with two different charging connector, easy air of other equipment. Car air pump movement is significantly larger than other movements of similar products 1 time, that is the real inner power is strong.

7, LED work lights air pump cylinder diameter cylinder diameter 30mm other products was mostly 19mm; movement weight significantly heavier than other similar products.

Work package 8, free mobile, convenient storage.