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Practicality In What Aspects Of The Machine Work Lights

May 07, 2015

Machine work lights look uses the industry's most mature and most popular model, works fine so as to increase the appearance of machine tools. Practicality of machine work lights reflected in what respect?

Machine tool work lights are cold light source, little heat, not hot to the touch, reduce the number of accidents accidents, machine work lights during use no flicker, no electromagnetic radiation, prolonged use does not glare, eliminate teacher visual fatigue, implementing the green lighting. Machine work lights using LED light sources, long service life of 50,000 hours, guaranteed for 5 years not bad lights, avoid lost work hours due to machine failure, in bad light during processing at a time, after every goods repairs takes 30 minutes, machine tools and artificial losses.

Has been doing this kind of testing, machine work lights-green lights, power-saving clear, 6W 55W power 49W, open 15 hours a day, 5 years amounts to saving: 49W*15 hours/1000=1341 *365 days *5 years, wise customers can immediately work out that saving a few working lights.