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The Types Of Machine Work Lights

May 07, 2015

Work lights are one of the lamps, but different lighting tools for this kind of work lights and play, you want to choose to use in a particular environment, often lighting main lighting and decorative effects, this work light is mainly used for lighting, but to play it only in special circumstances and with maximum effect.

Work lights depending on the using environment can be divided into many categories, each category of operation lamp characteristics differ in performance.

Work light is a relatively common form of lighting is also suitable for small and medium sized work environments, each work lamps during use no heat, low power, save a little. But efficient, light, soft, long service life, is a kind of environmental lighting.

Machine work lights are widely used in a variety of machine tools, due to the different dimensions of the machine and model selecting machine work lights should be in line with local conditions to choose the most suitable mechanical fixtures.

Now has many kinds of machine work lights, most traditional work lights, slightly upscale fluorescent lamps, as well as today's character machine work lights. For small machines such as Planer, milling machine and other local lighting, incandescent work lights are the best choice. Poor working environment for machine tool, choose is waterproof and corrosion-proof, explosion-proof function of CNC machine tools, machine is the best choice for modular machine tool. Machine tools the widest range of applications. This lamp uses light, small size, small heat, but lighting capacity super strong, so wet under corrosive environment of NC machine tool production testing of various types of machine tools has a very good play.